Title sequence analysis 4

Title sequence analysis of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (James Gunn, 2014)

The title seqeunce to Guardians of the Galaxy is unique in its representation as it counter-acts the conventional sequences of Action Superhero films because it focuses its attention on the comedy of the character (Peter Quill) and his movements rather than the sequence itself.
The comedy is shown to us through a key use of both the characters acting and the soundtrack used, upon entering the temple Quill comically dances his way through while listening to 'Come and Get Your Love', this is unconventional as the film is Superhero and thus emphasises the character of Quill and his childish recklessness and immaturity, furthermore as he dances he uses small vermin-like creatures as musical accompaniments to help him in singing, again his relaxed and childish manner is presented to us and therefore gives us a clear understanding of how he will act throughout the film.

The soundtrack is key as well because it is avery happy-pop music disco music where as Quill's surroundings are very bleak and disconcerting, this use of contrapuntal sound with a very dystopian setting confuses the audience perception of Quill and the film but further it helps them to understand that much of the film will be quite dark and violent despite its early comedic look and feel, this makes the film seem more conventional to its Genre than it had previously been displayed as.

A final point to make on the title sequence is the typography used, in the sequence the font used for the main/ key words (Title, names, etc...) is very funky in its look and its golden colouring makes it stand out and further confides with the conventions of a traditional superhero film, the other font used is more simplified and is much smaller in size compared to the main font used.

Overall the title sequence to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is very unique because of its counter-action to the more traditional Superhero title sequences, this uniqueness gives the film a USP (Unique Selling Point) and thus makes it more definable and thus separate to other film of similar genre.

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