Saul Bass: Title sequence designer

During our media lessons we needed to analyse and study title sequence designers so as to gain inspiration for our works, a key designer we looked as was Saul Bass.

Background knowledge:
  • American
  • Born May 8th 1920
  • Died 1996
  • Was a Graphic designer
  • Worked on classic logo designs for studios
  • Best known for simple, geometric shapes and their symbolism
Early Career:
  • Studied at the Art Students League in Manhattan
  • Apprenticeships with Manhatten design firms
  • Freelance graphic designer
Work in film:
  • Uncanny ability to capture a films mood with simple shapes and images
  • His shapes were often hand drawn-had a casual appearence
  • Sophisticated messages within his sequences
  • Used his methods to great affect in advertisement posters
  • Directed title sequences of over 60 motion pictures
  • Worked with directors such as: Hitchcock, Kubrick, Scorcese
  • Incorporated short visual metaphors
  • Many designers since have been influenced by Bass
Persoanl opinion on his work:
I find Saul Basses work to be very simplistic in its effect but this is useful because it allows the sequence to flow more easily than most other sequences, furthermore his work keeps the audience more focused on the action/ drama within the sequence rather than confusing them with a continuous stream of different clips to show the story. Overall i find his work very creative and inspiring and should be a base plate for all future designers.

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