My title sequence explanation

During my last media studies lesson my class had to present (in our teams) the film pitch that would allow us to make the film we had chosen.

Although each team did have some significant points and key specifications we all lacked the information that was crucial, thus each team was told to go back and look back over our PowerPoint's and make the appropriate adjustments.
Furthermore we were told as homework to right up on our blogs what exactly we wanted our title sequences to look like when we come to make them, this is that explanation:

My title sequence explained (plot/sub-plot below for reference use):
  1. A key point that my title sequence will express is the plot line of our film and how a once great society descends into chaos when the masses rise up against their oppressive Government.
  2. The way my team will achieve this is by showing contrasting images of a passive society and an aggressive one-this will be done by filming out in the public the normal routines of peoples lives but then the sequence will gradually turn into an all out riot/protest against the Government-this change will be done by us making a mock up news report on the riots while combining footage of riots happening and clips of my team holding up signs of protest.
  3. In between all these clips we will include an element of mystery and suspense by showing random clips of someone putting together and loading up weapons, this is so that our plot line will be followed and it will be a way of encapsulating our audience and keep them interested.
  4. Furthermore we intend to add in a soundtrack that is relatable to the sequence but will be contrapuntal to the sequence, this is so our title sequence will have an USP (Unique Selling Point) and further because it is contrapuntal the audience will remain more focused on the sequence and its importance.
  5. The last scene in the title sequence will be a dramatic imitation gunshot with a clip of people running in sheer panic and another mock-up news clip saying that a civil war has been declared, this will then end with a black screen and a loud droning boom, this will be where our film will truly begin and further it will be the point where all the mystery and suspense form the sequence will be brought to climactic end.

Our plot line for our film:
In the near future the population has had enough of Government oppression, peaceful protests strike up everywhere but to no avail, then one unknown bullet to the head of a Government official sparks the fire that will lead to one of the biggest civil wars in American history, Government forces clash with the people of the nation, 2 sides, 1 fight, surrender or die, neither will back down.

The war has raged for 10 years and the Government forces are weakened, our hero had suffered hard physically and mentally but is called up for a secret last mission, meanwhile a stranger from nowhere proves herself and formidable warrior and the pair are sent with a small group to finish the war, on the way success and sacrifice will lead to the true start of the war being muttered, our hero will be left with only 2 choices-finish this war once and for all, or find out the truth from his new friend?

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