Genre analysis and film pitch

Now that our groups have been decided and we have an idea of our title sequence, my class had to create a presentation style pitch as a side task in order to promote the film and have the 'authority' to create it (how well we did the pitch will be determined by my teacher), these tasks were done in our individual teams.
To make our presentations we had to do research into several key factors:
  • What Genre is our film?
  • What other films are this genre/ have inspired your film?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What season will your release date be in?
  • What will the film cost to make?
  • How much will the film make overall?
  • Who are the key stars + how much will they cost to employ?
  • Who is the director/ co-directors?
  • What is the plot of the film?
  • Is their a sub-plot to the film?
With our presentation we were also given the task of creating a Logline (a short statement that sums up my film), this is the line that my team created.

"Cyborg punks rioting against the Government in the near future."

PP of our film pitch below:

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