Lesson: Typography and Design

Today in my Media class we learned about the importance of typography and design when making a title sequence.

We started by looking at the order in which the text appeared on the sequence:
1) The Production Company
2) The Director
3) The Stars + the film title (stars appear in fame order-highest to lowest)
4) The key Crew members: camera, make-up, costume, etc...
5) The Editor
6) The Script Writer
7) The Producer
8) The Director (often appears twice in the title sequence)

We also looked at the types of conotations that typography and design present:
  • Genre
  • Style/mood
  • Possible narratives (Enigmas)
  • Production value/budget
  • Themes
Once that was done we used these newly learned skills to ananlyse (as a class) the typography in the title sequence from 'Catch me if you Can',
here are some of the points that we made:
  • The style is simple
  • Type writer font is used for the Jobs or other words used in the sequence=reference to the time setting
  • Wild West style font for the main wording/names
  • Serif's are used for the key words/names to make them look more formal/high class
  • Sanserif's are used for the less important words to make them more simple and rounded
  • How the words transition gives a more elegant flow to the sequence
  • The overall design suggests a very 1960's look

Key Words:
Serifs: an elegant way of making a font look more high class/ formal by adding a 'tail' to the letter edges e.g: Tom Hanks
SanSerifs: a more simpler font that gives the writing a more informal look, used to show the less important words in the sequence e.g: Producer

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