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Skyfall (Sam Mendes, 2012) opening title sequence analysis:<

 In the title sequence of this film we see multiple uses of key codes and conventions that are unique to all the James Bond films, for a start we see are presented with may themes of death and pain such as when we see pistols and knives falling and becoming tombs and gravestones; these prop all suggest death and pain which is a key part of the James Bond film series, furthermore throughout the sequence we see several key parts where the main character (Daniel Craig=James Bond) appears to be battling pieces of his life (Shadows, his reflection in mirrors, etc...) these all give suggestions as to the content of the film-a title sequence's role-suggesting that Bond will battling the demons that surround him physically and the demons in his mind (a past event or person that haunts him), this use of lighting and props is effective because it sticks to the title sequence's job to provide a teaser to the film.

In the sequence their are three main cinematography shots that are frequently used: Long shots, mid-shot and extreme close-ups. These are again key because they are conventions of the title sequences of the James Bond series, also each particular shot is shown when a key concept is shown e.g.: when any female is shown it is often presented through mid shots that pan down as a way of sexualising the female's.
Furthemore Long shots are more frequently used when Bond appears because it is often when action is happening (shooting, fighting, etc...), is a way of showing his skill at combat and also to present him as a very manly person.

Overall the title sequence of Skyfall follows the classic codes and conventions that have been laid down since Kyle Cooper 'broke the mould' in the film Se7en (David Finchers, 1995). Furthermore the film also follows the codes and conventions of the classic James Bond films of which have given the series as a whole its Unique Selling point (USP) and therefore an efffective marketing scheme and high popularity rating.

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