H/W: Article analysis

Here is the link to an article about film title sequences that my teacher set for homework, our objective was to analyse the article, pick 5 points that we enjoyed about the article and comment on them.
Below are the 5 points that I picked:
  1. "Popular trends of the 1950s were using three-dimensional lettering and embedding type in physical artifacts such as embroidery and signag"-this new trend shows how the 1950's was a time for change and how title sequences began to become more significant in films.
  2. "A consequence of this digital era seems to be that modern title design will forever rely on progressive technologies"-this suggests that for title sequences to become better the technology that is used to create them needs to be constantly updated and revolutioniused.
  3. "Kyle Cooper states that while the power of computer graphics is obvious, he still likes experimenting with live action, because there is something special about the imperfection of making things by hand"-I find this interesting because it suggests that Kyle likes to use both the physical construction of title sequences from the past and combine it with the digital technology that dominates the film industry today (example of technological covergence)
  4. "The potential of digital graphics and typography has attracted some of the most creative minds to motion design"-This is interesting because it shows how the film industry has a mass employment of artists and designers especially in the title sequence construction of the industry.
  5. "Breakthrough ideas in titling, such as timing the typography to interact with metaphorical imagery or to create its own world, were largely innovations that came from outsiders to the Hollywood studio system"-I find this very interesting because normally the audience would expect the prodcution companies to have designers within their own companies to come up with new designs, however because the companies used outside ideas it shows how they are diverse and open to new ideas that will make their films/title sequences unique.

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