Title sequence analysis 2

Lord of War (Andrew Nicole, 2005) opening title sequence analysis:

The title sequence of 'Lord of War' is very unique in its design, in the sequence we are following the process of the construction of a bullet as well as its transportation and eventual use, this is interesting because in any war or general violent film we would be following the path or journey of a key character within the film where as here we are given the point-of-view (POV) shot of a bullets journey from its construction in a Russian/Soviet factory to use in a predominantly African country (Nigeria or Somalia-countries with a predominant gun presence), this therefore makes the film unique in its nature and further the settings used in the film give speculation as to where the film will be set (A 1st world or 3rd world country?).

The soundtrack used is also interesting as it is quite jolly-American country music where as the scenes used in the sequence are quite rough, dirty and generally a war zone, this is significant because this use of contrapuntal sound makes the audience mistake the genre and overall plot of the film, however this soundtrack could also be interpreted as a type of premonition to the films plot, a sort of 'Calm before the Storm' feeling.

The typography used is also highly significant to the sequence, the lettering in the clip is simplistic in its style; the words are detached from each other and have no curves or extra lines on them, overall the type of font used can be described as very militaristic in its form and therefore would be accurate to use with this title sequence.

In conclusion the title sequence to 'Lord of War' is unique because it doesn't follow all the codes and conventions of a traditional title sequence however because of its unique style and use of micro and macro-features it captivates the audience to continue watching and film and thus it can be said with fairness that the sequence follows its job role effectively.

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