Title sequences: Genre analysis and group work

When studying genre I must always look at:

Here is my class analysis of genre from stills of different title sequences:

Dr No-James Bond
  • The silhouettes in the background create mysterious imagery causes us to think of it as an action film,
  • The red wave suggests blood and so genre could be action or horror,
  • The gun barrel view at the beginning suggests that violence and thus an action film,
  • Overall we deduce that the film is action with the sub-genre spy,

Splice-genre establishment
  • The dark colours suggest the film is quite gothic or horrific,
  • The organic-like lettering creates a mysterious feel to the film,
  • Vein like imagery makes the film appear to be a Sci-fi film,
  • The overall stills are quite alien-like and thus further hint to Sci-fi,
  • Genre category: Sci-fi,

The Back-up plan-genre establishment
  • Women is protagonist; suggests a chick flick,
  • Animated style + romantic imagery suggest a Rom-Com,
  • Wine and the dining couple suggest it is a romance film,
  • The colours, typography and the female protagonist all suggest it is targeted at a female audience,
After this task we all began to get into the groups that we wanted to work in in order to make our title sequences.
My group consists of myself, Tyler and Harry, we started of well as a group because we are all firm friends and further we all had similar ideas for what we wanted our title sequence to look like-thus we decided that we would be able to blend all of our ideas into a single piece of work.

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