Summary of filming session 5

Date: 16/02/2016

Group: Robert, Tyler, Harry (+2 volountery assistants-Julia and Emily in year 13)

On Tuesday we gathered as a team outside the main entrance of the school before heading to our filming location for that day (a small side alley that had private garages just off Berrick road), en-route we met up with Julia and Emily who volounteered to help us with our filming.
On this day we would be filming the more specific scenes that emphasise the plot of our title sequence (a dystopian and oppresive government controlled world) therefore our scenes included that of 1) a homeless man begging, 2) a molotov cocktail (fire-bomb) being thrown and 3) a further scene of us preparing weapons that represents the protagonist readying himself to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

I believe that our filming went especially well that day because both Julia and Emily are film/media studants and have done similar tasks to us both in their lessons last year and this year, therefore the experience was invaluable to our work as they could direct us as to the optimum shooting angles and advize us on the best shots to use on key scenes.

Overall I feel that Tuesday was our best day for filming because although the weather was constantly changing we acheived the shots that we wanted; experimented with different angles and as a result we produced a lot of material for us to edit together and eventually turn into an effective title sequence for our plot line.

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