Summary of filming session 4

Date: 15/02/2016

Group: Robert (Tyler and Harry had intervention lessons)

On Monday because my colleagues were doing intervention lessons we decided as a group that on this day I would go around my local neighbourhood (which is quite dirty, isolated and generally perfect for the scenarios that we would need in our sequence) taking videos and pictures with my Go Pro and the DSR camera we rented out from our school.
Throughout the day I went around the back alleys of where I live as well as going around the alleys and side-streets around the school area, furthermore i experimented and took video footage of a forestry area north of my home.

When I returned home I cleared my room and video recorded a clip of me 'reacting as the protagonist' to the message that my 'daughter' had been arrested (kidnapped) by the Government, this is important because without this the crucial part of the plot-line would be lost.

Overall the filming on Monday went very effective and upon reviewing the clips at home I felt happy that the correct shots and scenes had been acheived.

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