Summary of editing and filming 1

Date: 23/02/2016

Group: Robert, Tyler, Harry

This day was our first day of editing and as he volunteered, the role of editor was adopted by Tyler (Jobs were allocated early in the course) and the main process was put under his control, while he edited myself and Harry worked on our blogs and Harry further worked on the key typography that would be used within our title sequence.

When editing Tyler focused on importing and editing small sections of our sequence rather than doing the whole section in one go, he started by focusing on the introduction of the characters using the police profiles and pictures and making them coincide.

Furthermore before we actually started the editing process we had to re-film the 'execution' scene from last week, the difference this time being that we filmed using the DSR camera (The Go Pro last time gave too wide a shot to be used), we used a small separated area near the English corridor as the stage for the scene, we took several shots of the scene including a long shot,a close-up and a mid shot.
We thought that this filming session went very well but Mrs McGrath felt that the brick wall behind us would not work, however she agreed to let us include it in the initial draft video and can re-analyse it with the whole class.

Overall though I believe that the filming today went very well and that the initial edit was a success.

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