Summary of filming sessions 2

Date: 11/02/2016

Group members: Robert, Tyler, Harry.

Today my whole group were in and we were able to film much of the key scenes that will appear within our title sequence, such scenes include overhead shots of the criminal records that contain the key words and names that will appear in the sequence and the character stills that will show who is within the film, further we included a scene that depicts a public execution, this is important because our film is about an oppresive-dictatorship Government and thus a public execution would be seen as common in this dystopian landscape.

Furthermore, while on their free period Tyler and Harry filmed the scene that will help to incorporate the criminal records, the scene includes the hands of the villain (General Reckson) looking through the records.

Overall the scenes we managed to film today went very well, we kept the camera focused correctly, incorporated excellent cinematography and kept the scenes looking the way we wanted them to for the sequence overall.

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