Rules and regualtions of titlke sequence and blogs

For my coursework this year I am to create a title sequence on a fictional film that lasts no longer than 2 minutes.
While constructing my sequence I am to record and document my entire process in these blogs and posts that I am doing, this will be marked at the end of the course although it is my intention to achieve between 82 and 100 marks overall so that I can achieve an A grade at the end.

key notes for making my title sequence and documenting it:
  • No plagiarism:  no copy and pasting is to be done on this work unless referencing the source in my documentation.
  • I must post a new blog at least once a week in order to keep my documentation professional and up to date.
  • LABELS:  must put a label on all my posts.
  • Keep a Production Journal: this mean that all my processes should be started and completed by a certain time/date.
  • Blog EVERYTHING: all my processes, constuctions, shoots, everything must be documented and evaluated in order for me to be able to achieve the highest grade.
  • Engage with contemporary media technologies in order to make full use off all my available resources.

A grade: 82-100 marks.
B grade: 72-81 marks

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