My editing terms and accompanying videos, ENJOY!

Editing and terminology: Montage: An assembly of quick cuts, used to show a time transition,

Parallel Editing: 2 scenes shot in sequence, cuts back and forth between 2 places,

Split Screen: 2 shots side by side, simultaneous action, staple of the 50's and 60's,

Dissolves:Blend 1 shot into another, transition, breif or entended, passage of time, Elliptical editing,

Expanding time-Overlapping Action: Dramatic value, used to underscore improtant plot twists, Suspense,

Graphic match: Scene links to another scene useing the same shape or colour,

Visual Match Cut: 2 shots are cut together and by their juxtaposition, a third idea is created,

Fast motion: Time speed up,

Rhythm and Pace: Dictated by music/ mood, cuts depend on pace e.g: tension=fast pace,

Long take: a continuous scene taken without cuts,

Jump Cuts/ Match on Action: Jumps from place A to B (Close),

Cut Away: Shot 1-another scene-just after shot 1,

Continuity editing: Unnoticed edits e.g: 180. shot, shot reverse shot,

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